making snacking better easier

snack your way is an online store that provides a wide range of healthy & high quality snacks at best prices delivered right to your door. snack your way is about snacking solutions for everyone, all occasions, all purpose and for anytime snacking needs. With focus on healthy snacking, we promote fit, healthy & happy lifestyle and urge everyone to follow their dreams, and while you do that, snackyourway is by your side with box full of delicious goodies for that much needed fuel (Energy, Fiber, nutrients, fun, happiness & much more) so that you don’t compromise on your health & time, so that you are happy and fit, so that you keep moving and fulfilling your dreams, so that you do more, go places and snack your way.

our story

We are a team of foodies and we love to snack (probably we all do). We never realized but snacking was always a part of our daily life which we like to express in this way…..

snacks in a lunchbox and in Car’s glovebox, whether in a business meeting or for Party & Treating
snacks for a working lunch or for post workout punch, Also for a family picnic or for that corner titbit
snacks when guests at home or for a lazy evening zone, snacks for that 11 am craving and for the 4 pm saving

With snacks being so significant in our lives, there was always a question of what to eat? (the healthy stuff) and where to get? because going to grocery store was a hassle and time consuming (cluttered store aisles, billing counter ques and lot more). It simply took lot of time & energy, and mostly an expensive affair. This was also the concern for our friends and family with many looking for special “free from” range. Our search for a good solution led us into the study of healthy snacking, its benefits on our mind & body and the need to share it as much possible all around. We wanted to have an ideal solution that offers snacks that best fits our needs & pockets, be easily available while keeping healthy mind & body in focus. This resulted in snackyourway.

our snacks

Carefully selected & handpicked. We like to know what we are eating & offering. We review the ingredients & nutritional information of each snack to make sure we offer nothing but the best. If we believe in a snack, its on the store. If we can eat a snack again & again, its on the store. All our snacks are time tested, taste-tested and approved by many (including the fussiest), which means what we love is what we offer. And since we love to snack, we are always on the lookout to keep bringing the most delicious, healthy & unique snacking experience to our members & guests. We also love to get feedback and bring the snacks according to your choices (organic, Raw, Free from and much more).